Clear Cut Glass Bubbles R087128

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Product Overview

They're bubbling up to the surface..

At least that's how they'll appear, anyway. Our Cut Glass Bubbles Window Film consists of a clear background covered in overlapping, circular bubbles that pop up in three shades: clear, white, and grey.

Each bubble has a diameter of 3/8 and the film as a whole contains a UV rejection rate of up to 99%, with a VLT of 50%. The design of R087128 Decorative Window Film would be the right fit in a child's bathroom or on the glass in the appropriate offices. Its also an adhesive-free film, making for easy installation or removal, should you change your mind down the line. A Color Version of this design is also available.

This is a clearance item, all sales are final, no returns.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review